You are the Hero in your story.

Most of my life seems to be wrapped up in a desperate search for the hero in my story.

The more I live the more I realize I am not alone. In many ways all of us long for that person to come along to rescue us, love us and mentor and mold us into the person we dream of being.

I remember when I first discovered my gift. A shy, quiet young college student ends up in a speech class because he needs the credit and there was no other classes open that term. He tries and fails several times at giving a speech until one day the teacher catches him off guard.

He asks the young man to jump up and give a speech on something that recently happened to him. The man had no time to plan and the off-the-cuff performance changed his life.

It was not the best speech he would ever deliver in his life but it was the most important because that speech allowed him (me) to see that he is a communicator.

Growing up I felt voiceless in my family. My dad was a good man but he wasn’t very good at listening to me. He thought he was listening but in his world, his word was the last and winning an argument gave him value and that robbed me of mine.

Finding my voice that day in a speech class redefined the direction of my life. I didn’t know it at the time but everything I do would stem from that desire to be heard and to make sure others voices were not muffled by the noise and bullies.

We each have a story to tell. We each have our own motion picture to live. We can control it, plan it and try to steer it in a direction we want or we can allow it to ebb and flow to see where it takes us.

But to write a great story we need to understand why we are living the life we live and find our place in that production. You are the author of your life story I’m simply your producer. I help my clients create a better more interesting story.

Good stories are the result of amazing character development. If we surround ourselves with only characters that are like us or try to write out tribulation from our manuscript, we end up with a story with little adventure, a lack of passion and at some point we’ll set the book on the nightstand and look for someone else’s story to fulfill our needs.

I think a lot of us find ourselves living in other people’s stories because we don’t like our own. What if we can change that? What if we not only produce a video or a Face book live show to promote what you do, what if during that process together we learn to live a more interesting story?

That’s what I want to do with my life.

Every story needs a hero. Hero’s don’t appear out of nowhere. Hero’s are developed over time. Hero’s are created, crafted and molded out of everyday people willing to do extraordinary things.

You are the Hero in your story and together we can find that hero.

That’s what we do.

That’s who we are.

Yes, we produce amazing videos.

Yes, we create and tell stories better than anyone in the business.
But underlying all of it we are here to give you a voice and help uncover the hero, (you) in your life’s story.

Isn’t it about time we got started?