Word Of Mouth: When Great is Enough

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As a guy who markets businesses “Word of Mouth Bistro” in Salem, Oregon is an anomaly. Most businesses need advertising, branding or something to get customers.

But “Word of Mouth” simply relies on word of mouth.

Kathy and I find excuses to go there. I can’t tell you of many restaurants where we do that for a meal.

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The Food:

The food is fresh, the bread is local and the recipes are original and tasty. You never leave hungry and in a day and age when food is becoming more like art than a meal portion is an added bonus. There are few things that irritate me more than ordering a meal, paying good money for that meal, and being hungry when you finish the tiny little bit on your plate.

I’m a big eater and when I pay a chunk of change for food I want more than good flavor (I expect that) I want enough to cover my plate and I’m not talking Costco muffins.

The Staff:

The staff at “Word of Mouth” is the best. They remember you and treat you with respect but are also attentive and warm. The restaurant is inside a big old house and when you leave you feel like you were at one of your relatives (without the irritation or fighting).

The Wait:

You will have to wait for a seat. Sometimes it takes 45 minutes to an hour but that is a good thing. An older gentleman was standing next to us in the waiting area and said to me not many places I’ll wait an hour for food but this is the one. I have to agree with him.

Kathy had a chopped chicken salad that was amazing with big slices of locally made bread on the side. I had their Heavenly Veggie Hash with two eggs and one of their freshly made muffins.

They also “gave us” a piece of their famous Crème Brulee that we tasted but brought home to eat. When was the last time you went to a restaurant and they gave you something?

I can honestly say to you there isn’t a bad item on the menu. They do something different to everything even their Club Sandwich.

Several years ago I met the owner of “Word of Mouth.” Our waitress was so good I asked if I could talk with the owner. They sent me to the kitchen and there she was cooking the food. I told her about her staff and she said:” yes we only hire the best.”

I have a feeling that is why this is such a great place to dine. An attitude starts at the top and when you are treated well, serve amazing food, and treat people like you want to be treated the result is you don’t need marketers to tell your story. You simply need satisfied customers willing to spread the news “word of mouth.”