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Why Am I So Attached To A Piece Of Machinery?


My speedometer in my car is a major focus these days. As the numbers roll by, I watch for the big 200-oh.

Friday night as I drive home from work the numbers are moving when I realize my TSX is going to turn over the 200,000 mile mark as I pull into my driveway.

And sure enough it did. As I rolled from the smooth pavement of Camp Creek Road to my rocky driveway the numbers switched.


That car and I have been through many things. We bought it brand new in 2008 after leaving KEZI for a run at state office. We know a new car was and still is a bad investment but with our future uncertain we didn’t want a car payment so we paid cash for the car.

My TSX traveled to literally every corner of this state. From French Glenn, to Klamath Falls, Lakeview, Medford, Brookings, Astoria, Burns, Baker City and even Joseph, Enterprise, John Day and everything in the middle.


That car took me to the doctor the day I found out I had Prostate Cancer. We drove from Welch’s to OHSU in Portland every day for 40 days during my treatment. She’s taken me to Portland for check ups and to my last visit with my mother, just weeks before she died. It even drove me to her funeral.

My car served as a hearse for more than one pet, most recently carrying “Yetta” after having her put down.

It’s crazy how attached we become to a piece of machinery. I even refer to it as a she, as if a car has a gender.

I don’t know why I take the time to write about such a silly milestone I guess its because it makes me think. That car causes me to remember the people, animals and things that it has carried and in those memories smiles and tears come to life.

Yes, she is just a car. She is just a set of wheels with a dependable engine and attitude to match. Sometimes she and I get a little wild on our rides home from work. Winding roads do that to her.

Yep, she’s just another car but she’s my car and 200,000 miles is not about to end our relationship.

I do find it interesting that she turned 200,000 right at the place we both love the most, our home.