Who is Producing My Life Story Anyway?

I’m Glad My Day Is Not Left Up To Me
Setting The Stage:
I had this moment today when dullness crept into my “feelers” and the “blues” began whispering in my ear.
The day had its hiccups, coupled with after vacation catch-up, and you’ve got the makings for a disaster.
I had an important lunch and the client didn’t show. I was really looking forward to it and have a lot of hope resting on this meeting for a future project.
Driving home my mind tried to push my feelings to hopelessness but my morning came to my rescue and the afternoon muffled the whispers.
Act I
Director: Bring in the Martinez Family
We’re producing a video series for Habitat for Humanity on this super nice family that’s been through some horrible things. We’re becoming very attached to these people.
Andres, the man of this story really is “The Man.” This guy has survived cancer and lives in constant pain. At one point in our conversation he says to me “Rick, I am 33 but feel like I’m 53.” Driving home from my meeting that didn’t happen I start to laugh. I am 56 and this guy thinks being my age is really old. (Now that’s therapy)
“Just an Email”
Then I get back to work and here is an email from Brenda, the wife/mom/amazing woman in the Martinez family.
“Rick, I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are thank you for everything you do!”
Brenda had no idea my day was going haywire. But in the play we call life she had a role and her few words produce strength she didn’t even know I needed.
Then I get a call from Jake at GoDaddy.com. He’s trying to sell me something but we get talking about life, God, the church and some of my other favorite topics and the missed meeting is falling back to the recesses of my memory. Jake is Jewish and when I brought up a question one of my friends asked on Facebook the other day we had a field day. He got off the phone and said: “Thanks, that was the best phone call all day. I said the same to him.

Aaron My New Pal
Not two minutes after hanging up the phone Aaron my new friend who stops by my office from time to time, stops by. Aaron is homeless and is part of a local program to help get him back on his feet. We met when he came upstairs one time to use the bathroom in my hallway. He figured out “Who I am” and now we have these great conversations. Today, I told him, he looks like he’s getting his life together.
As Aaron is leaving my next meeting, Judy Morse, comes to the door and Aaron starts telling Judy how nice I am to him.
What happened to the “Blues?” What happened to my day?

Senior Scene
Judy is a 74-year old woman who contacted me months ago about starting a Senior Show. I wrote about her and the fact that she seemed pretty lonely. She and I are working on this project together. She recently had a stroke and this project seems to be breathing new life into her. She has visited dozens of retirement homes as we try to get this segment off the ground. (We need funding).
Just found an email from my client. He totally forgot about the meeting and wants to schedule a new one. Crap happens right? Besides, I really just wanted to see this guy it’s not all about business.

Yesterday I had a tough time writing my Alaska script for a late September show. I couldn’t get into it. Funny how a few people jumping to my rescue, without knowing, gets the creative juices flowing. The script is written, editing it tomorrow.

My Wife
And just moments ago my wife walked into the doorway of my office. She just stopped by to see me and that is a nice surprise.
Who Is In Charge of My Life Production Anyway?
If I didn’t know better I would wonder if some amazing producer isn’t orchestrating my life. He must see the way the day is laid out like a script and finding ways to create a better story by allowing some frustration and pain in order that the good moments find fertile ground to grow.