What Happens When You Tell The Truth: The Whole Truth?

We use a lot of music in the videos we produce. Some we pay for but some of our favorite music is actually free with a credit.


A week or so ago I woke up in the middle of the night and thought: “Am I doing my music credit right?”

I don’t know why I thought that. I have a guess but you non-religious types will think I’m crazy so I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway, I checked and discovered a requirement I had overlooked and sleep didn’t come the rest of the night. On the artists website, if you click on the right place, is a clause that says you must pay to use the music if that video is broadcast on television. It’s free for the Internet with a credit but there’s a fee and for all the times I’ve used it not knowing that, the cost to me would be pretty expensive.

My friends in the industry said just leave it alone the chances of the artist finding out are slim. But I’ve been studying the Bible from a Hebrew perspective and God is pretty clear on how we are to treat each other. And stealing, knowing or not, is still stealing.

I’m not some righteous dude trying to toot my horn. I’m a screw up who should know better. But normally I try to find a way out, especially when it involves money. When something is coming out of my pocketbook I can be very creative with my excuses.

This time there were no excuses. I was wrong. I did wrong. Not on purpose but that doesn’t matter its still wrong.

My wife is smarter than me and she knew right away we had to pay. My photographer is the best and he agreed and helped me figure out what to do.

I sent the artist an email, thinking I would have to pay him back or pay him for future music (I love his music). This morning I got a response that simply said: Rick, you have my permission to use my music on your TV show at no cost.

What I love the most about this is a couple of things. One, I’ve really grown in my trust of God. I had no assurance that I wouldn’t have to pay and my soul was willing to make it right.

Right, real right, is much more important than anything these days even money.

I could have made many valid excuses but an excuse in this case is still a lie, even though culture would give me a pass.

This is not a blog to brag, I mess up all the time and I will slip and slide again. But for the first that I can remember my mind didn’t second-guess my heart.

I think living under cultural morality is dangerous. It gives us plenty of escapes and in the end you still have to say to yourself…..How would I want to be treated.