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What Happened to Provocative Speech?

As it listen to this and that and ponder the future of this place we live, I can’t help but grow concerned that we are quickly descending a slipper slope.
The Constitution of the United States protects provocative speech and yet our culture castrates our ability to say anything that might offend the one sitting next to us.
Offending didn’t used to be a crime instead a release of ideas. Now, to offend is punishable by public verbal flogging or Internet wash boarding.
Those who wrote our constitution consistently offended each other and wrote the constitution to protect our right to do so.
But we as a culture traded that right for some false sense of getting a long or Seeing Eye to Eye.
We will never see eye to eye and I don’t think agreeing is always the end goal. Finding compromise, yes. But to always agree, rarely.
The very thing our founders wanted protected, freedom of ALL speech, we allow to slip through our fingers in the name of trying not to offend.
I look around the Internet and watch current culture and wonder why we allow ourselves to be so easily offended?
We’ve traded thick skin for a thinner version that bruises and rips so easily the tiniest pressure from a point we might disagree with seems to leave a lasting mark we can’t get past.
I would like to think there is a way back to honest and open conversation but it seems the open minds that fill parachutes create plenty of hot air but not enough real wind to lift anything, the least of all a conversation or opposing thought.
I may not agree with what people say but why must I keep my mouth closed for fear they will try to destroy me for disagreeing?
To speak out against culturally popular stances is certain death to ones reputation if it in anyway varies from the acceptable cultural norm.
I was reading some wise writings from someone I highly respect and it said this: “Every reign divided against itself is laid waste and a house divided against a house, falls.
We are a house divided and that divide continues to deepen and widen to a place where there isn’t the willingness of either side to build a bridge strong enough to cover the gap.
Manipulation of ideas and thoughts will continue to push us apart and the provocative freedom of speech our forefathers tried to protect in the constitution of this country is little more than words on a page. We are open to your ideas as long as your words agree with ours and if you dare to speak against the current cultural thought you will be stoned and beaten into submission not literally but figuratively and that can be even more painful and more destructive than a few rocks.