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We’ve Come A Long Way In Some Respects: Movie Review Suffragette

I guess I didn’t really know much about the Suffragette movement until last night. Kathy and I went to see the movie Suffragette last night and I learned a lot.
I never really understood the battle women had to fight to get the right to vote and hope this movie becomes mandatory viewing in high schools around the country.
We hear so much about other groups and their struggle for rights but never have I heard this story told in a way that really ticked me off and gave me a better understanding of the way women were treated and in some countries are still treated today.
This movie is set in the early 1900’s in England. It’s based on a group of women who joined the movement and what they were willing to do to finally get the attention of the world.
The acting is great and some of the scenes intense, in a good way, a way that makes you angry.
Lately, Kathy and I have seen some movies that are just over the top and super deep. This movie did not move us to the point of talking about it for hours afterwards. (that’s always a sign of an over-the-top movie for us) But this movie is excellent and should be shown to every school age student along side other movies about groups of people who struggle.
What got to me the most about this movie is that it has taken this long for this story to rise to the surface and give honor to women and what they had to go through and in some places still struggle with. Just the fact that this story is just now emerging in the media shows how far we still have to go when it comes to these issues.