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Wednesday Night: Sprout Film Festival Opens Hearts and Minds

Friday night we were sitting at Ninkasi Brewing Company, talking with friends from Full Access and Oregon Supported Living Program, when I thought to myself: “Most people don’t have the kinds of friends I have.”
I’m a lucky guy. I’m exposed to people with disabilities all the time and understand the world better because of them.
They tell me the truth, they enjoy my company and when it comes to talent they are some of the most accomplished people I know.
You have the chance, this Wednesday, to open your eyes, your heart and your world to these amazing people thanks to the “Sprout Film Festival” and the amazing films the festival is bringing to our community.

These are films produced, written and even acted in by people with disabilities. In these short films you will see joy, heartache and great accomplishment and you will probably walk away with a new sense of who these folks are and if it works the same for you as it does for me you will probably have a better understanding of yourself as well.
There is a matinee at 10:30 that is free but the real show starts at 5 with a silent auction and food and drink or you can just show up for the movies from 7-9.
You will not be disappointed, I promise you. Just go to the website listed on the poster above to buy your tickets or you can show up and buy them at the door.