Treasure Hunting/Goodwill Hunting Rick Dancer TV (Goodwill)

This month, in our Goodwill Hunting feature on Rick Dancer TV we thought, how can we go to Coburg and not take our hunting skills to the Coburg Antique Mall.

To be honest, we don’t spend a lot of money on stuff like that but I do find looking fun.

Over the years Kathy and I have found so many deals at garage sales or at Goodwill we just don’t shop in other stores for older things.

But on this recent trip I did find a cool wine rack (1/2 price) and saw a couple of items that I recently noticed at a Goodwill store too.

I think the reason many of us go looking for old stuff is summed up in this interview with one of the owners at the Coburg Antique Mall.

The best part about shopping for my antiques or anything for that matter, at Goodwill is I know when I walk out the door I just helped put someone to work.

If you have old things you are done with or just change the style of your home remember where to take your donations…..Goodwill.

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