Tidal Rave: Mother Nature is Entertainment



It’s a stormy day on the Oregon Coast. Weather folks predict massive waves and we are lucky enough to be near Depoe Bay for the show.

We Yelp our way around food joints and quickly remembered Tidal Rave. This is an old favorite that remodeled a few years ago.

This is an amazing restaurant that is just perfect for wave watching, storm gazing and eating something amazing.


We each ordered fresh cod poor boy sandwiches and a side of Manhattan clam chowder. The food was fresh and the chowder delightful. Why don’t more places on the Oregon Coast make Manhattan clam chowder? I don’t get it. Especially with all the health conscious people who don’t like heavy cream and prefer their clams in tomato based soup.

The view is awesome and so is the beer and wine list. Get there early or make a reservation (even for lunch) this place gets very busy. Oh, and enjoy the show.