The Lady in the Pool.


Kathy and I decided to stop by our gym after a 65-mile bike ride yesterday. We weren’t looking for more of a workout we just wanted to sit in the hot tub at the gym.

While soaking in the pool this older woman (89) steps into the water and we start to talk. Her husband recently died and you could tell she really missed him.

The three of us talked of life and death and loneliness and things that really matter. You could tell the loss of her husband was still raw. They’d been married over 50 years and when she spoke of their life her eyes twinkled and her smile enveloped her face.

We were careful not to pry but conscious of the fact that talking about this part of her life made her feel alive and so we talked and talked and talked.

She told us how lonely she is and how starting over at 89 is much more difficult than you would think. Every time the conversation got tough she’d go back to a happy story of how she and her husband would go to this place or that and the smile would return to her face.

She told us about her big Mother’s Day plans with all her boys, the grandkids and at 89 years of age all those great, great grandkids.

We got out of the pool, not feeling sorry for her but understanding how precious life is and how quickly everything can change.

Couples eventually will be split apart briefly when life ends on this earth and we are reunited in the next life. It is not something we look forward too but need to understand it is going to happen.

I want to be like the Lady In The Pool and find tons and tons of happy memories to prop me up on those days when loneliness tries to rob me of my joy.

It was interesting this moment with the lady in the pool came after our long bike ride. Kathy pulls me up a lot of hills when we ride and keeps me going on tough days on and off the bike. She’s a stabilizing force in my life and I hope I am not the one left alone in the pool.