The Dung Is About To Hit The Fan


I don’t often write this straightforward about my views about God but the situation in Paris is causing me to step over a line just a bit.

If this offends you I apologize.

If it makes you mad you will get over it.

If it challenges you, get in line.

This Message is to the church so if you are not a follower this is not targeted to you.

With all that’s happening in the world I think it’s time we take a serious look at how and what we are doing.

Perhaps the way it’s always been done is not good enough anymore and God is calling us to something different, something deeper and something based on His ways not doctrine of religious leaders.

Perhaps I’m A Nut Job Too.

I was reading in a book written by a holy man named “Micah”. This guy lived a long time ago and was probably considered a nut at the time and wasn’t liked for what I’m about to tell you. Many of the people in that day probably reacted the same way some of you will.

This guy is really close to God and is used by his creator to speak the truth to a people who have gotten off track in a big way.

God Throws Christmas Dung?

As our typical Christian Holiday season begins these words from Micah stop me in my tracks.

God is telling Micah to inform God’s people: “I shall rebuke your seed, and scatter dung before your faces, the dung of your festivals. And you shall be taken away with them.”

Those are some pretty serious words from God. Today, would He be saying those words to us about Christmas, Easter and other “Festivals” we have created? Is He calling those festivals dung and telling us He will throw that dung in our face? Were the people of that day ignoring the festivals God created for his people and instead, celebrating cultural festivals and that ticked God off? I don’t know either but it sure sounds like things were going wrong and the price is dung in your face?

Do we have festivals today that are not commanded by God that might smell like dung to Him and do we care enough to consider that? Or do we believe what we want and just keep “doing it” until the dung hits us in the face? What does God want?

God’s Recipe For Peace.

Later God is talking through the prophet about those who choose to follow His commands and he says “He walked with Me in peace and straightness, and turned many away from crookedness.”

Could following His commands be the secret to leading people to Him and away from crookedness? Could following His commands rather than current church doctrine (additions to the law) be the secret to peace in our lives?

No Wonder They Leave.

We see reports of fewer and fewer people being churchgoers in this country. The younger generation is exiting the church so fast it’s like a fire alarm is going off.

We see the world headlines and peace is found nowhere really. Straightness is so crooked we couldn’t/wouldn’t know a straight line if someone drew it on a piece of paper for us.

You Want More Biblical Teaching?

People in the church complain about the lack of truth and justice and yet, as I read it, the very qualities that bring forth such things, we pay no attention to anymore. I hear church folks ask for more “biblical teaching” but ignore the section of the bible God created as our guidelines. Are we as guilty as the very people that Micah was talking to?

Doctors Prescription For A Better Life.

Later, reading something from a former doctor named Luke I see the simple, straightforward actions one must take to find peace with His creator. Dr. Luke is quoting a man named John who was the equivalent of an opening act to Jesus. When asked by the people of the day what they needed to do to find that peace and follow their maker he told them, repent and follow God. He didn’t tell them any of the usual things we hear in the institutional church instead he told them: “let him who has two undergarments share with him who has none and let him who has food do likewise.”

I learned in church repenting of my sins meant stuff like hating people, talking bad about someone or cussing. Perhaps those actions are on the list but I wonder that the real sin was/is not following the guidelines of our creator and honoring His festivals not those created by us?

It’s All Written In The Book: Read It For Yourself.

Could the path to peace really be this clear?

Could bringing people to the true understanding of God be more about the following list than what we are taught in church?

  • Follow the guidelines (law) of God
  • Honor His festivals not the manmade variety.
  • Repent of your ways
  • And finally, serve your fellow man/woman.

And if we don’t is the dung about to hit the fan?