The Big Short: Our Big Lie (Movie Review)

As I watch this new movie The Big Short by Michael Lewis I understand better why God refers to people as sheep in the Bible.
We used to own sheep and they are perhaps the most stupid creatures on the face of the planet. “The Big Short” will or should make you feel equally as stupid.
The movie is about a few people in the money industry who actually saw the housing bubble ready to burst in early 2000 and bet against the U.S. economy while bankers, investors and most of us looked the other way or refused to read the fine lines.
The movie is a must see for anyone who thinks they understand what happened and it reveals the depth of our complacency as a people and our willingness to want to trust leadership to the point of stupidity.
The cast in this movie is amazing and their acting on the money (excuse the pun). Most of the people portrayed in the film are odd and their oddity is what causes them to see beyond what they are told and into the evil hearts of those screwing the people of this country.
What I got out of this film is not only anger at Wall Street, the White House or our government but also an anger at “We the people” for our willingness to be flattered with promises so dripping with lies we turned our heads refusing to dig a little deeper as we blindly trusted the powers running our country and our money machine to do the right thing.
They will not do the right thing and like those sheep I talked about earlier as the leaders jump head first into a fence the rest of us follow wondering why our fate is the same as theirs.
There’s a great line in the movie that is so fitting it’s not even funny. “Truth is like poetry. And most people Fu__ing hate poetry.”
Doesn’t that accurately describe the American Dream? We want so badly to have what we have and want what we want that we allow those in charge to lead us over a cliff and we don’t even see it coming or learn after surviving a near disaster.
To make matters worse we allow the government to bail out the banks, use our tax dollars to prop up their lies, pay themselves huge bonus’ and start the same program over again but with different names.
We blame or support the government for these actions not based on knowledge but politics….shame on us. We don’t dig to discover what’s going on instead we dig a hole drawing lines in the sand we know nothing or little about.
This movie should anger us but it won’t. Some of us will make up excuses for government and leaders and even Wall Street. We don’t want the economy to collapse because we may fall too. So we’ll sell our souls to whatever evil force we believe in by propping up our political hopes and economic dreams on a lie.
I picked up my Bible this morning to try to wrap my head around this non-sense and found these words in Proverbs.
“God hates: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands shedding innocent blood, a heart devising wicked schemes, feet quick to run to evil, a false witness breathing out lies and one who causes strife among brothers.”
Huh, sounds like the movie I just reviewed!
Do yourself a favor, go watch this movie and let it make you angry. Allow it to piss you off to the point where you shed your sheep’s wool for armor made of steel because I think we’re all going to need it.