The Beast Within: Just In Time For Halloween

Deep in the recesses of our soul lives a hungry beast. This beast looks different in you and me and mine is distinctly tailored to take me down in the most personal way. (And so is yours)
This beast is looking for our attention. It will do, say and lure in the most ugly manner as long as it gets us to listen.
Our beast lie quietly inside our mind and rarely screams. They don’t want others to hear them. They have no interest in the people around us. These beasts are only after us.
I’ve lived with my beast most of my life but didn’t recognize him as such. The other day God opened my eyes to a starvation diet to put the beast to death.
We are taking away his favorite foods. These are things I feed him not knowing, until now, that this is not a snack but his power source.
My beast is smart and knows me like the back of his hand.
He starts with innocent sounding suggestions and before you know it he’s chewing on my heart.
God tells us of good and bad intensions living within each one of us.
I was always taught in church to rebuke that bad intention but I think that just made him laugh.
I never realized the power God gives us until I learned that in the first five books of the Bible He gives us a fence-building kit called “Torah.”
If we follow the plan that foundation is put into action and we start to understand the difference between beast food and the truth.
I remember being given rebuke lessons in church and while I don’t want to argue their validity, because I could be wrong, I find understanding how not to feed the beast is much more powerful than yelling at it.
Bottom line: We all have a choice. We either feed the beast for feed the good intensions. That which we feed we will become. The power to do good or do bad is something we control. But if you don’t understand the fence we may miss the power.
We will be the product of our choice.
Even with a kit, building a fence is not easy for me. I need guides and have found a few. As I rip down old walls that failed to work and construct new ones based on Gods framework, I find myself talking out loud, to myself.
I hear a whisper come from my soul that says “Rick, don’t feed the beast!” and it helps.
This is why I’m writing to you.
We don’t have to live this way.
We don’t have to keep falling for the lies of the beast.
What we must do is rebuild our fence with the right materials.
Identify your beast and take away his food supply.
Continue to feed the beast and slowly you will be devoured.