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Take A Risk: Guest Writer Kalani William Laney

The story you are about to read is written by a young man I recently met on Instagram. He took a huge risk, moved to Eugene, to meet his birth father. Kalani is 19 years old and very aware of life, his struggles and like all of us looking for ways to move up and move on.  He asked if he could attend a couple of assemblies I spoke at, at Mt Vernon Elementary in Springfield. As an intern I gave him the assignment to write his thoughts in a blog. These are those thoughts.  “Rick Dancer”

at age eight you might not be taking many risks. I know i didn’t, But i also know that more than half of you all, if possible would go back to that age and take a risk or two. Well for a very special school, Mt. Vernon Elementary, they had the privilege of someone taking a risk on them. The school has an award system set up for those who are helping around the halls and being respectful and caring.

Its called the, Self Manager Award. Teaching these moral values and concepts at their age is vital. It helps to shape them in the responsible and caring citizens that this country needs. In particularly during the mornings a teacher helps autism children to meet and greet people. To some children this may not mean a lot, but for them it’s a ray of light to keep them moving forward. So take a risk and help others take a risk. You might be surprised where it takes you. For myself i didn’t have someone to tell me to take a risk and i wish i did. But now i’m older and for myself i took a risk.

I moved seven hours away from home to live with my birth father whom i met a month and a half ago. Where it has brought me was totally unexpected it has opened more doors than i could have imagined and in all honesty some of those doors have been painful. Taking a risk at times can be a gamble but in the long run it is worth it weather it was a mistake learned or an accomplishment. And that’s exactly what  it was for me.

  • Kalani William Laney