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Tag: Truth

Is That Your Real Story?

“Sometimes the story we’re telling the world isn’t half as endearing as the one that lives inside us.” Donald Miller FROM THE MOUTH OF BABES Speaking to a group of students at Churchill High School the other day something came out of my mouth that doesn’t very often land on the air outside my mouth.…

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Please Tell Me The Truth!

I think a lot about the Truth these days. I read where the Truth will set you free but unfortunately our culture has so many definitions of the truth I’m not sure we’d know the truth if it bit us in the face. Culturally we have a truth meter that is fickle and undependable. This…

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Jerusalem is the Goal, really?

  The TV is on, as Hollywood boasts about it’s awards and Emmy’s and I notice a sugary, syrup oozing from the flat screen. We flip to the local news as politicians and pundits put out their brand of the truth and the media, which used to act as a filter, simply moves the message…

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The Truth Can set us Free But Who’s Truth?

This is a question I ponder a lot lately. Many Christians believe we have “The” handle on the truth. We interpret the Bible, from a very Greek perspective, and believe we understand what God was trying to get at. I just lost some of you here but that’s okay it’s my blog and I’m writing…

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