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Tag: Stores

RDTV Nov 17th: The Great Alaskan Adventure

Two years ago, the folks at Redoubt Mountain Lodge, hired us to come to the wilderness to produce a video about their lodge. What you will find is the most rugged, yet comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors. My son Jess is now an employee of the lodge. Actually it’s more than a job he…

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Halloween: Goodwill, One Stop Costume Store

  I don’t know about you but I’m not real big on costumes in a bag. I know, you see them at stores and are tempted to take the easy way out for Halloween. Where’s your Creativity? Where’s the Fun? Watch this if you are looking for fun! The thing I love about Halloween is…

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NewsFlash: New Ice Cream Bar Coming to Town

This is big news. It’s not everyday a new ice cream bar comes to town. A guy on Whidbey Island makes these hand-dipped ice cream bars. The milk product comes from Lochmead Dairy. They have the best ice cream so it only makes sense these bars are amazing. I was talking with Stephanie Gibson-Hawks about a…

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