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Tag: Seniors

The Lady in the Pool.

Kathy and I decided to stop by our gym after a 65-mile bike ride yesterday. We weren’t looking for more of a workout we just wanted to sit in the hot tub at the gym. While soaking in the pool this older woman (89) steps into the water and we start to talk. Her husband…

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RDTV: Elders, Sages & Fellow Travelers March 2016

Growing old isn’t the end of life’s journey it is life’s journey and we intend to show this to you each month with a show called Elders, Sages and Fellow Travelers. Other cultures revere their elders and we think, if you see how amazing life is for many people over 55, you might also see…

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Elders, Sages & Fellow Travelers: Making it Hip to Age

We are not exactly the most age oriented society. In fact, youth seems to get all the attention and is seen as the big market place. Our new show ESFT is aimed at telling the stories of our Elders and Sages to help restore respect to these amazing people. This is not a show about old people.This is a show about all people which is why we invite Fellow Travelers to the conversation.

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55 Years Old, Really?

When did I get this old? When did the number of years in my story end up so heavy on the left side of the page? I guess it’s a complement when people ask me how old I am and get this look of shock on their face and say you are kidding? But to…

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Quartet: Something to Sing about. (Movie Review)

As we walk into the movie theater I wonder if we’ve made the wrong choice tonight. Some friends of ours saw “Quartet” and loved it. The room is filled with gray haired people. Okay, I know my hair is silver but in this audience Kathy and I are youngsters. You can tell these are not…

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There is only one guarantee graduates.

Standing in front of the Creswell High School Senior Class it is my job to encourage and inspire them at their Senior Class Breakfast. Eight years ago I spoke at the same breakfast to a different group of students and the message has changed so much. At that time I was still a News Anchor,…

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