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Tag: Scleroderma

RDTV February 28th 2016 Inspiring Stories of Survival

This is a show about the hard things in life. It’s not a sad show in fact I think you will find something, like I have, in each of the stories that may actually inspire you to live more fully. We’ll also tell you about a great fundraiser coming up in March with some toasting…

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Is There A Doctor In The House: Behind The Scenes

I’ll never forget the trip we took in 2005 with the Cascade Medical Team to Guatemala. I got really sick a few days into the trip and one of the doctors (nice to get sick with doctors around) said: “ I can give you something that will stop that (You can guess what “That” was)…

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RDTV: CrossRoads: Survivors Jan 2014

Few people choose to be survivors. To arrive at that state means you had to go through tough times. We are all glad to be survivors and wouldn’t give up our journey for anything. But still, the thought of being a survivor is much better than the reality of training it takes to get there.…

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Please Yell At Me It Really Helps!

I learned something big yesterday. I like it when people yell at me. Kathy and I ran our first ½ marathon in Sunriver and what an experience. Lined all along the route are people, young and old, ringing cow bells and clapping.  As you come up on one of these groups of people you hear…

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The Fifties: Not What You Think

As I rollover in bed this morning the first thing I feel is the woman next to me. For almost 30 years she and I have shared our birthdays. This morning, my 54th birthday, I can look back and see all that we have survived. As she sips her tea and I drink my cup…

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Fighting To Survive: The Ann Havelock Story

If my life is a puzzle,made up of bits and pieces of other people’s lives, I can’t wait to find out why God put the woman you are about to meet in my giant picture. I met her at a Social Media Conference I spoke at over in Bend. She walked up to me and…

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