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Tag: Rick Dancer TV.

RDTV: Elders, Sages & Fellow Travelers March 2016

Growing old isn’t the end of life’s journey it is life’s journey and we intend to show this to you each month with a show called Elders, Sages and Fellow Travelers. Other cultures revere their elders and we think, if you see how amazing life is for many people over 55, you might also see…

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RDTV March 2016 Serenity Lanes New Coburg Campus

We took our crew to the new Serenity Lane Campus, before it opened, to get a tour of the place and show you the amazing facilities. We went while construction was still going on because we don’t want to bother the clients who will fill the campus once it opens. Take a few minutes and…

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Secrecy, The Real Enemy of Truth   “SpotLight” movie review

I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to expressing my thoughts about the movie Spotlight. Part of me wants to make this a review about how important journalism is to our culture. Another part wants to blast those who currently run media operations for destroying an industry that, when run well, can…

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Look Me In The Eye Promotion 8/6/15

This is our latest project that airs throughout the month of September on local television including Rick Dancer TV. Look Me in The Eye is a campaign designed to bring awareness to those in our community who have different/special abilities. And if you practice this with everyone you see on the street all of the…

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