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Tag: Recycling

Goodwill Hunting: Check out My Bed

I’m a scavenger and I mean that in a good way. I’ve always been able to look at something and see something else. When I walk into a Goodwill store is see possibilities not used items. I bought an old ice cream freezer and made it into a planter or find old windows and make…

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Poop in a Bag is Still Poop: Recycling

We tend to be very selective when it comes to recycling. We pick and choose when to be environmentally conscious. I run along the bike path and hike trails in the wilderness and get so sick of finding little green bags of dog poop littering the trails. The bag may say it’s biodegradable but it’s…

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True Holiday Goodwill is in the Recycle Bin

  I’m at the dump the other day, shooting a video for a client, when I see this guy backup to the landfill and throw perfectly good Queen Anne style end tables into the dump. Another guy backs up and tossed a TV and a bunch of recyclable plastic into the pit. Some of you…

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This Kid May Take My Job

We’re producing a video for Lane Count, Eugene and Springfield on Brownfield’s. If you don’t know what a Brownfield is you are the reason we are doing this story. (I’ll explain in the video) We need to do both and English and Spanish version of the story and we want to do something different so…

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Retirement is a chance to recycle your Life.

Take a minute and think about that. Recycling yourself, doesn’t that sound good? When you recycle something, the original object is still there it just has a little bit different purpose. Often times, the recycled life is more creative than the original. I remember when my wife and I were remodeling our now 106-year-old house.…

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Recycling Railroad Ties: The Green Way (Video)

One of the companies I work with is expert at railroad repair and construction. I never knew much about the railroad until I started working with the Rick Franklin Corporation out of Lebanon, Oregon. One of the video’s we produced for the company has to do with recycling railroad ties. I think this is an…

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