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Tag: Ranchito Grill

RDTV Nov 29th 2015 Happy Thanksgiving

The world is filled with some pretty frightening things right now which is why I rarely watch the evening news. What I need for Thanksgiving weekend, and I think you’ll agree, is a reality check. There are truly things to be thankful for and many of them are found in this episode of Rick Dancer…

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Behind The Scenes: Thankful For “The Stories”

It might sound a little corny but who cares. This time of year I like to sit back and think about what I’m thankful for. At the top of my list are always God and my family. But as I continue to write stories about people like you surface on the paper. (Computer screen) My…

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Behind The Scenes: It Makes Me Emotional Nov. 16th 

When cancer is part of your life, whether in battle or remission, simple things tend to make you cry or put you into a state of near depression and you can’t really explain it to those around you. Movember is heart wrenching. I get so busy I rarely have time to sit and really think…

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RDTV Feb 2, 9th Escape to The Oregon Coast

I love this show. For one we got to go to some of our favorite places in Florence, Oregon and we have some informative stories as well as one that will break your heart. You will get to see the inside of the Edwin K B&B in Florence. This is a 100 year old house…

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RDTV: CrossRoads: Survivors Jan 2014

Few people choose to be survivors. To arrive at that state means you had to go through tough times. We are all glad to be survivors and wouldn’t give up our journey for anything. But still, the thought of being a survivor is much better than the reality of training it takes to get there.…

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I LOVE FREE FOOD: Ranchito Grill

Abe over at Ranchito Grill does a drawing with Rick Dancer TV customers every month and the winner gets two free meals and two free drinks. I’m going to call Abe later this morning with a winner for last month but you need to get in on the action. Watch the video above and Emma…

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