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Tag: Lane Blood Center

Behind The Scenes: What Really Goes on Making RDTV

  I had an interesting phone call with a television manager this week. He told me he “ran into” Rick Dancer TV on the air and couldn’t believe how well it is produced. He became so curious he went to my You Tube page and started watching previous shows. He said to me “Rick that…

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The Back Story behind Blood Donation

When I contacted Nancy Trautman about being on RickDancerTV to represent the Lane Blood Center, I knew she’d be perfect. Here is a woman who is fighting for her life and still able to smile and enjoy the little moments. She’s had cancer twice now and her battle is ongoing. When we shot the ending…

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RDTV Is Back September 2012

Rick Dancer Television is our new vision of what television can be. Each month we produce a new 30 minute (Alaska Special / Cottage Grove ) show to keep you connected and entertained at the same time. This month our focus is on recycling. We start with the Lane Blood Center where I give blood…

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The Reaction I didn’t expect.

I’m sitting in a chair, a needle in my arm while blood drains into this little bag. We’re shooting stand-ups for the September Rick Dancer TV show. We did a story on a cool woman, who has cancer and gets blood transfusions, not to stay alive, but to live. Let me explain. When she has…

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I Give Blood For My TV Show

I’m not being a martyr, nope just stating a fact. Today, at 4:30 I will roll up my sleeve (oh, I have a short sleeved shirt on) and give a pint of my blood for the upcoming RickDancerTV Premier Fall Show. (Airs September 16th and 30th on KEVU) Somehow we connected with the Lane Blood…

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