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Christmas: “More than a Feeling”

We all love the feeling of doing something nice for someone less fortunate but as I dig into Christmas Past and stare Christmas Present and Future in the face I can’t help but wonder if that’s really not the point of this holiday. Christ did what He did and did not base it on how…

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RDTV: We are onto something

I can’t believe this is happening. When we started Rick Dancer TV we truly believed we could bring back amazing storytelling and artistic video work and you (the viewer) would come. Despite the dumbing down of local and national programming we had a hunch, if we were honest and a bit over the edge you…

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Hey, Remember Weatherman Tim Chuey?

This will show your age, do you remember KVAL weatherman Tim Chuey? He worked for KVAL for 100 years, okay, maybe not that long but he was KVAL’s weatherman for a long time. We caught up with him recently on Rick Dancer TV. He has his own website now and works with Eugene Daily News…

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Never Look Back

People used to walk up to me and say, “Do you miss KEZI?” My answer was and is always the same, no, not at all. I’m very serious when I say that. This topic is in the front of my mind because another friend, Shelley Kurtz, was just “let go” from KVAL. That fear of…

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