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Tag: Homelessness

Movie Review: Lady in the Van

Lady In The Van is not the best movie I’ve ever watched but it was fun and interesting. The story is based on a “Mostly True” story of a homeless woman that ends up parking her van in the driveway of a London playwrights home for 15 years. Maggie Smith is amazing in the film…

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RDTV September 20th Homelessness, The Problem

Homelessness is a big topic around Oregon right now. People are tired of what are being called “Travelers” filling the streets of downtown Eugene and Portland but many of those same people do want to help those who are truly homeless in our communities. This week as part of our Rick Dancer TV show we…

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Has The World Gone Nuts?

The other day I decided it was time to get more informed. I started listening to news talk radio in the car and at work. I listen to everything from CNN to some of those crazy left and right wing stations. I Think I’ve Gone Mad I completely understand why so many people refuse to…

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The Public Grows Tired of It

The general public grows tired of the homeless camps popping up around town and the more homeless activist push the less tolerance people seem to have for the mess. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? I get emails from just as many of my more liberal friends as I do from my conservative ones disgusted…

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Is Housing a Right?

  When I first saw this sign I thought to myself is “Housing” a right or a need or both? I was leaning in the direction of “need” rather than “right” but I looked it up in the dictionary and housing really fits better under a right than it does simply a need. Our obsession…

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