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Tag: Homeless.

Movie Review: Lady in the Van

Lady In The Van is not the best movie I’ve ever watched but it was fun and interesting. The story is based on a “Mostly True” story of a homeless woman that ends up parking her van in the driveway of a London playwrights home for 15 years. Maggie Smith is amazing in the film…

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Behind The Scenes: Strangest Reindeer of All

Christmas is a great time of year. But like me, are you tired of how phony it’s become? Christmas used to seem much simpler. What happened to this holiday known for giving? Has it become all about buying and in this transformation its people who get lost in Christmas? Last year we took our camera’s…

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Behind The Scenes: Such a Huge Response

I know it’s hard for some of your to believe but even I feel invisible at times. I know some of you are thinking: “How could a guy who had his face in everyone’s living room for 25 years, feel invisible?” People recognize me but don’t necessarily know me. People, my critics, think they know…

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Christmas: “More than a Feeling”

We all love the feeling of doing something nice for someone less fortunate but as I dig into Christmas Past and stare Christmas Present and Future in the face I can’t help but wonder if that’s really not the point of this holiday. Christ did what He did and did not base it on how…

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Homelessness In Eugene: Not What You Think

A lot of people claim to be experts in the field of homelessness. We see groups on the street protesting for places to stay and for SLEEPS. The issues is growing larger in Oregon but who do you believe? It seems everyone has  their motivation and our temptation is to turn our back, say: “Oh…

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Has The World Gone Nuts?

The other day I decided it was time to get more informed. I started listening to news talk radio in the car and at work. I listen to everything from CNN to some of those crazy left and right wing stations. I Think I’ve Gone Mad I completely understand why so many people refuse to…

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