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Christmas: “More than a Feeling”

We all love the feeling of doing something nice for someone less fortunate but as I dig into Christmas Past and stare Christmas Present and Future in the face I can’t help but wonder if that’s really not the point of this holiday. Christ did what He did and did not base it on how…

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Halloween: Goodwill, One Stop Costume Store

  I don’t know about you but I’m not real big on costumes in a bag. I know, you see them at stores and are tempted to take the easy way out for Halloween. Where’s your Creativity? Where’s the Fun? Watch this if you are looking for fun! The thing I love about Halloween is…

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Goodwill: Your Halloween Super Store

I know a lot of places are selling brand new, ready made Halloween costumes, but where’s the fun in that? Growing up we used to love going to Goodwill and figuring out what we were going to be by what we found on the store shelves. When Kathy and I were dating, we had the…

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