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Tag: Growing Older.

RDTV: Elders, Sages & Fellow Travelers March 2016

Growing old isn’t the end of life’s journey it is life’s journey and we intend to show this to you each month with a show called Elders, Sages and Fellow Travelers. Other cultures revere their elders and we think, if you see how amazing life is for many people over 55, you might also see…

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Age is Funny

In my twenties I thought I knew everything. In my thirties I knew I had it all together. In my forties it didn’t really matter. In my fifties I sometimes wonder if I ever knew anything at all. I wonder what the 60’s are like but don’t care to get there any sooner than time…

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What Happened to Yesterday?

I remember when I was the kid. My parents were still alive and my sisters and I were young, carefree and didn’t have titles like Mr. or Mrs. We weren’t known as moms or dads, aunts or uncles and no one would think of us as being old. We were the younger generation and never…

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52 Years Old, Really?

Just the other day, it seems, the face looking back at me in the mirror had smooth skin and now it’s more like a topographical map. A couple of years ago, okay, more than a couple of years ago, I had more pepper than salt in my hair color. Now the only pepper I see…

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I need a Rock not Tofu.

As we grow older and hopefully wiser we discover much of what we believe about life is self-serving, not as meaningful as we thought and has little to do with anything. Convictions that once gave us a place to rest our feet feel more like Jell-o or Tofu. One’s perspective becomes less narrow as yesterday’s…

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