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Elders, Sages & Fellow Travelers: Making it Hip to Age

We are not exactly the most age oriented society. In fact, youth seems to get all the attention and is seen as the big market place. Our new show ESFT is aimed at telling the stories of our Elders and Sages to help restore respect to these amazing people. This is not a show about old people.This is a show about all people which is why we invite Fellow Travelers to the conversation.

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RDTV September 20th Homelessness, The Problem

Homelessness is a big topic around Oregon right now. People are tired of what are being called “Travelers” filling the streets of downtown Eugene and Portland but many of those same people do want to help those who are truly homeless in our communities. This week as part of our Rick Dancer TV show we…

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It Just Never Goes Away.

Kathy and I went to Eugene Eyewear to pick out new frames for our glasses on Saturday and had the most touching experience. The staff was very helpful and we ordered what we needed but this is not a story about service but instead moments in time that touch lives. One of the women helping…

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Young Professionals Get It: Time For Us To Move Over

Perhaps it’s time for us to step aside and allow youth to rule? Sitting at a bar packed with people, that thought occurred to me as people my age talked of why we couldn’t do something and people of the millennial generation said: “Why not?” The meeting was over tax exemptions for developers who create…

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Some Thoughts About God

My Hope and Peace can only be found in God. The world teases and taunts and promise both but to trust in a system that is greatly flawed would make me the fool. I cannot nail my trust to something as fickle and moveable as current culture with trends and polls leading this way and…

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Eugene Foodies Know Their Stuff

I’m on this FaceBook page called Eugene Foodies. The other day we were talking about great pizza and someone said have you ever tried Countryside Pizza off River Road. Last night we tried it and loved it. The pizza crust is perfect and the flavors different from what we are used to. The place is…

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