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RDTV February 28th 2016 Inspiring Stories of Survival

This is a show about the hard things in life. It’s not a sad show in fact I think you will find something, like I have, in each of the stories that may actually inspire you to live more fully. We’ll also tell you about a great fundraiser coming up in March with some toasting…

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Coburg Golden Years THIS WEEKEND!!!!

People ask me all the time how we come up with our story ideas? Jim Korth, the guy you just listened to in the interview, is a friend of mine from the gym. He likes Rick Dancer TV and thought it would be a great venue for not only getting a video they can use…

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The Reason RDTV Works: Changing Media

I watch the turmoil in my old business, TV News, and wonder what’s going to happen to the industry and all those people. Viewers are looking for a more relevant information source. All you have to do is look at the ratings and number of people not watching/reading traditional media to figure that out. Yesterday…

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The Will To Survive

This young man walks into my office. I’ve seen his work and know his story and that is why we are meeting for the first time. Will is 18 and has not only an eye for the camera but a gift with the written word. I heard about “Will” from a teacher in Cottage Grove.…

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The Back Story behind Blood Donation

When I contacted Nancy Trautman about being on RickDancerTV to represent the Lane Blood Center, I knew she’d be perfect. Here is a woman who is fighting for her life and still able to smile and enjoy the little moments. She’s had cancer twice now and her battle is ongoing. When we shot the ending…

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Episode #1 – Rick Dancer TV

Welcome to Rick Dancer TV. A new show that features stories you won’t see on the nightly news. We are creating a new marketplace for information and advertising. In this, our first episode you will see stories on Illegal Dumping and what’s being done about it in Lane County. You will also learn about storm…

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