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Tag: Downtown Eugene

RDTV Playlist For December 13th 2015

Local Veterans get to see the monuments in Washington DC thanks to some amazing volunteers, we introduce you to a woman who was really the first television sitcom star and What’s Happening in Downtown Eugene? Development ideas and that has some not very happy. We’ll introduce you to one of the plans, right here.

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TrackTown City Center Mile/Rolf Prima Downtown Crit

We just finished shooting a video for TrackTown and Dark30Sports talking about a first in Downtown Eugene. This is a team effort and it is going to be so cool. Thousands of people in Downtown Eugene watching and participating in the two things we locals love the most, Cycling and Running. Oh, there’s also beer…

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What Happened to Downtown Eugene?

Downtown Eugene is bustling with activity. 25 years ago there was a fountain in the middle of what is now Kesey Square and no one visited the downtown area. For more than two decades city leaders, business people and the community argued over what to do to bring people back downtown. Finally, some business people…

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New Spot In Eugene: The Barn Light

This is not an official review but a notice. There’s a new spot for coffee, food and drinks in downtown Eugene. The Barn Light opened Thanksgiving so I decided to go grab a cup of coffee. The place has a cool feel and has lots of barn wood on the inside (go figure). The coffee…

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Cleaning Up Downtown Parks (Eugene)

I must hand it to the Eugene Police Department, they are doing some wonderful things to clean up the downtown park blocks. They aren’t kicking anyone out but they are simply showing a presence and inviting the public to the park each day and it’s working. We’ve noticed a huge change in just a week.…

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New York City Comes to Downtown Eugene

The other day we got to take a peak through the new Park Place Apartments in Downtown Eugene. Change is coming to downtown and these apartments are just the beginning. This is a well-done project that not only recycles a century old building but also breathes new life into downtown living. Take a look at…

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