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Tag: Disease

RDTV February 28th 2016 Inspiring Stories of Survival

This is a show about the hard things in life. It’s not a sad show in fact I think you will find something, like I have, in each of the stories that may actually inspire you to live more fully. We’ll also tell you about a great fundraiser coming up in March with some toasting…

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RDTV Feb 7th 2016: Survivors, Stories That Will Amaze You

Not many of us dream about being survivors because in order to be one means you have to survive something difficult or dangerous. This show is filled with the stories of people who are fighting through illness or disability and in the process teaching the rest of us how to really live.

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How Does He Do It?

I met this guy at the gym the other day. I’ve seen him there for years but never stopped to really talk. I noticed he was really starting to lose some weight and we struck up a conversation. YOU ARE DYING? He told me the reason he was “Trimming out” is because he has Lung…

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Fighting To Survive: The Ann Havelock Story

If my life is a puzzle,made up of bits and pieces of other people’s lives, I can’t wait to find out why God put the woman you are about to meet in my giant picture. I met her at a Social Media Conference I spoke at over in Bend. She walked up to me and…

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The Power of Zero

  Most of us want to be something and think of zeros as nothing but what if most of us are wrong? We want large numbers attached to our bank account, our day’s left on this earth and our monthly paycheck and in doing so fail to see the power of zero. For the past…

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