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Tag: Depression

Is That Your Real Story?

“Sometimes the story we’re telling the world isn’t half as endearing as the one that lives inside us.” Donald Miller FROM THE MOUTH OF BABES Speaking to a group of students at Churchill High School the other day something came out of my mouth that doesn’t very often land on the air outside my mouth.…

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I Need To MAKE More Time To Think!

Staring out at the beach on a gloomy, cloud covered Saturday morning I see a young man in a white sweatshirt sitting on a log just looking out at the ocean. As I get up to take a picture, this young man stands up to walk away. He was only there for five minutes substantiating…

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Perhaps Suffering is Good for us.

No one wants to see people suffer. We give advice and shield friends and family from difficulty in an attempt to protect them from pain and suffering. (unless you’re a producer of reality tv) Perhaps it’s time to stop. Think of all the times we’ve hampered God’s plan as we get involved in someone’s life…

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Depression: Just Life

What if depression is just part of life? What if in order to experience the high’s we must learn to spend time in the lows? There are those of you reading this who experience “clinical depression” and to you I say I am sorry and these words I’m about to write may not relate to…

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