Sometimes Food is Also about Memories Pier 101 Lincoln City

Food isn’t always about the taste. Sure, we want good food and we want healthy choices. But when Kathy and I judge a restaurant sometimes memories are a big part of the equation.

Recently on a trip to the Oregon Coast we stopped by one of our favorite places, not because the food is over the top, but because as a couple in our 20’s we used to hang out here.
I was unemployed for a while and we’d stay nearby at a tiny house my uncle owned (Alan Maxwell) called “Maxwell’s StayFree Mini Pad. (i’m not kidding he had a sign out on the front and everything).

We were so poor we’d order a few cheap drinks and the deep fried zucchini and go home later to hamburger stew.
Over the years the quality of the place fell off a bit and the closed a lot so you could never depend on them.
But a year or so ago the same Oregonian who owns McGrath’s Fish House purchased the place and the quality is back but the place is still the same.
Apparently he and the former owner are friends and they understand a big draw to this place is all the years of people like us slipping in for a bite and a sweet memory.