Some Thoughts About God


My Hope and Peace can only be found in God. The world teases and taunts and promise both but to trust in a system that is greatly flawed would make me the fool.

I cannot nail my trust to something as fickle and moveable as current culture with trends and polls leading this way and that.

The earth will crack and everything on it burns and crumbles when enough heat, pressure or turmoil shakes its core. Why would I be foolish enough to anchor myself to such a tentative subject?

The most difficult aspect of this life seems to be living in what is dead. Finding life in what has already entered the grave by choice while the body continues to live and breath on the surface.

Those around may not understand but that does not make it untrue and explaining is none of your business so you quietly move forward.

These thoughts rise to the surface after talking with a local reporter from the Springfield Times. He is doing an article on me called “Killing Rick Dancer.” I found the title catchy and the questions drilling but answered them willingly and learned some things about myself, my journey and what’s important to me.

Mystery is designed by one for one and while uncovering the depths of a soul is best done in pairs sometimes we have to go it alone, as best we can, ignoring the cries from the audience who seeks to have us all on the same team.

I do not find my path special or better than yours. If your journey is different I applaud your travel and ask you to simply keep going.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of what, why and how we are doing this thing called life. Not to bring anyone onboard, but simply to remind ourselves of our footsteps.