Social Media

Social Media is so new it scares a lot of traditional marketers but it does not scare those of us who work at Rick Dancer Media Services. This is the media of the future. Social Media is relational, honest and can break barriers that traditional media is afraid to push.

We specialize in Social Media and can give you and your video access to over 10,000 sets of eyes.

Over the last five years Rick Dancer Media Services has created it’s own marketing world. Through our website, three Face Book accounts and Twitter we can get your business the attention it needs.

Social media is not easy. It takes time and you have to know how to do it correctly. Traditional marketing companies make mistakes by trying to use social media to sell, we don’t. We understand the technology and the relational aspects of this medium and we will get you connected to those customers.

Give us a call to set up monthly or bi-monthly blogging opportunities for your business.

Don’t be afraid we’ll take care of everything you just have to give us your story.