Satin Love Orchestra: The way they were and more

Everybody in Eugene has heard of Satin Love Orchestra. The band made 70’s disco music popular again, even before culture caught up with them.

For the last couple of decade’s office, Christmas and charity functions knew they could count on a crowd if Cal, Shelley and the rest of the gang headlined a performance.

Digging around the old KEZI archives I found this story from 1999 that Coleen Nelson produced. We are working on an interview with Cal and Shelley, who still play around town but I just couldn’t wait any longer to put this out there.


Also a heartwarming story of fairness and appreciation told by a great visual journalist friend of mine Ben McKee.

Ben and I are great friends and he still lets me edit some of his more interesting pieces. Sure, we don’t work side by side but in this day and age you don’t have to be in the same town to collaborate on stories you love.

This story is about cheerleaders who not only cheer on the sports teams but also a group of girls many would otherwise overlook.

Now that you know what’s on Rick Dancer TV this Sunday pass this blog on and turn your friends onto the show.

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