“Revenant” I’m Bored With Hollywood Blockbusters

Okay, I’m not going to be negative and I’d like to say some good things about this movie so lets start with the positive. Revenant is a very entertaining and exciting movie to watch. However, 2.5 hours of the main character wheezing and looking at bulging eyes up close to the camera is just a little too much.

The story is interesting but we are spoiled after spending more time watching Independent films and art films that movies like this seem so shallow and void of much of anything worth talking about later.

The acting is great and the scenery is beautiful. If you want to see this movie you should see it on the big screen. But even the music started to bore me cueing me to the next big scene or moment I was supposed to get all excited about. It almost reminds me of church where the songs set you up for the big moment when you feel something rather than the story being enough and the music just an extra.

Don’t get me wrong this is a good movie but it’s not great and I know come Oscar time all the stars and actor types will give this movie the nod and I don’t think it deserves it.

I rate a movie by how much it makes me want to change my life, how much I can talk about it afterwards and the impact it has on the way I live. This movie rates very low in all categories and for the faint of heart it is a bit too gory.