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Revelation: Rick’s Troll Management Plan

It doesn’t matter what we say or even how we say it someone out there is waiting to pounce, prance and pooh on our thoughts an ideas.
So I had this thought the other day: Maybe it’s time to hold on to my pearls.
Rick Dancer used to be a guy who believed if you give everyone a voice in the conversation you can find solutions to problems. I know, I’m laughing at my idealism and myself as I type these words. I’m finally learning the truth.
The other day, after several Facebook frontal attacks I had a life check in. I discovered “Trolls” are like white blood cells. They eat away at your red blood cells leaving you anemic.
There is no cure but “Troll Management” is necessary to live a healthy, happy life.
Trolls see the comment box as their personal spittoon. Most of us were taught common courtesy about when to spit and when to hock a big one. Trolls don’t care they just want to be right.
The whole troll thing bores the hell out of me. I’m not going to allow them to chase me off social media. I love this medium and find it very beneficial to me and to my business. Besides, I see a lot of good on social media.
But more and more I see people using the medium to be cruel and unusual and, in looking for answers discovered something to share with you.
I was reading in a book the other day where a well-known guy was warning his comrades not to throw pearls to swine. When I read those words I thought to myself and now out loud, Rick, be more careful with your pearls. (You should too)
We raised pigs and saw how indiscriminately they act with food. They wouldn’t know a pearl from a rock or a piece of poop and wisdom is too hard to come by and far too valuable to be handing out to just anyone.
The best way to preserve our peace, hold a meaningful conversation and get things done is to stop feeding the trolls.
Step One: Know the Troll
Step Two: Be Kind But Firm
Step Three: Only answer when you have to.
Step Four: Don’t try to convince or argue, they don’t listen
Step Five: Never let them scare you.
Step Six: Know when to disengage and walk away from the conversation.
Disclaimer: This is all new to me and I’m still practicing. I will make mistakes but already I feel more peace as I smile at the pings on my phone and turn the other cheek and drink my beer.