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Photobucket You guys know I’m a sucker for kids. Monday I was in heaven. I got to read at two schools. O’hara Catholic School in Eugene (6th graders) and some students at River Bend Elementary in Springfield. I read the book “You are Special” by Max Lacado. It’s such a great book. It’s about these little wooden people, who live in a village, just down the hill from the woodcarver (they guy who made them). The story talks about how each wooden person has a box of dot stickers and a box of star stickers. When a fellow wooden person does something good, the people give the person a star, when they do something they think is not good, they give them a dot.

You get the idea huh? It’s all about judgment. How we as people seem to think it’s our job to go around judging each other. I’m telling you, students really get it. They understand what the story means. In the end, the woodcarver tells one of the wooden people not to worry about the stickers (good or bad)…..He tells him, the stickers only stick, if you care what others think about you.

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  1. barbara on March 5, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    Here’s to the stickers not sticking…..

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