Put on the Brakes: Give yourself one.

It’s a peaceful morning. The sunshine warms my face as I sit in just a pair of shorts in the back yard thinking about my life, my choices and my God.

Summer is early in Oregon this year. The neighbors (farmers) are already putting away hay for the season in hopes the early spring will give them one more cutting before fall.

There is something about being in nature that reminds me who is in control. My mind wanders back to yesterday, to a bike ride we took to Sisters, Oregon. We climb 6000 feet over the McKenzie Pass to have lunch in Sisters and pick up a pound of coffee. I know, 62 miles on a bike over a mountain seems like a long way to go for lunch and coffee but this is what we do, this is our hobby.


While pushing the pedals, powering our way up the mountain my mind can’t find the strength to focus on matters of business. For the last year the lure of success has clouded my thoughts. It seems nature is out to quiet the clamoring cymbals so my soul can listen to the God who created us both.


My son’s are partially to blame for this turmoil in my life. Kathy and I watch as Jake moves to Portland to start a new life, tired of stagnation and ready for change and as Jess leaves for Alaska searching for his dream amongst the mountains, clear lakes and quiet surroundings of the wilderness.


Change is something we crave and fear at the same time. To put on the brakes and make room for a still small voice rather than the voice of productivity reminds me of coming down the McKenzie Pass yesterday on my bike.

It’s okay to ride the brake as you fly down the hill because that’s sometimes the safest way to go. But sometimes in the middle of the ride, when you feel the back wheel wiggling out of control, you must slow your speed, apply the brake fully and stop and listen. When I say listen I don’t mean to the voice of reason or comfort or even common sense, I mean listen to the only voice that can show you the way, the voice of God and in order to do so you must be still and know that only He is God.

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