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Oregon Backroads On A Bike: Sutherlin


Saturday morning and nothing to do…..”Hey, let’s do a 50-mile bike ride.”

That’s kind of how life works at the Dancer house. My wife jumps on the computer, types in the words “Mapmyride” and away we go.

We started at a public park in Sutherlin, Oregon. Sutherlin is a 50-minute drive from our home east of Springfield. Within a few miles of our starting point we are in the country riding along the inside of the Umpqua Valley looking at Blueberry Farms and wineries and beautiful mountains surrounding us.


The road takes you along the riverbank of the Umpqua River and is one of the most beautiful rides we’ve ever done. We stopped for lunch at a cool little place that Kathy will review later.


Tyee Landing sits right on the river and is a pretty cool little place once you get on the inside or park your tired butt on a seat on the deck overlooking the river.

The food is amazing and you get a lot to eat for the price.


There is something about being on a bike and riding along the back roads that force you to think more. I honestly believe we were made to work things out, not just mentally but physically and pushing pedals makes me think more clearly.

I’m creating a short video about the ride for an upcoming episode of RDTV so be looking for that. In the meantime here are some pictures.

Let me just add this personal touch to this short bike blog. One of things I was thinking about while riding yesterday is how fortunate I am to have a wife who loves to do the same things I like to do and who pushes me when I’m ready to quit. I am reminded how blessed I am to be healthy enough to do the things I do. Prostate Cancer didn’t stop me it inspired me to push harder.

We live in uncertain times, in times where being sucked into a culture mindset is so tempting and buying into messaging is almost unnoticeable if we aren’t careful. To clear your head and quiet your mind you need to get away, get out, do something and take your mind off the troubles that try to consume you.

I strongly urge those of you who have the ability to get away from the media boxes for a moment, (that includes TV, radio, whatever) question current culture no matter how good and kind it sounds and go ride a bike, paddle a canoe or do something to take your mind to a place where God can truly talk with you.

Oh, and don’t forget to stop for lunch.

And when you are finished… will feel stretched.