Oh, the Clam Chowder: Schooner

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I figure if you want a good meal you need to work for it so that is exactly what we do.

We’re staying at our family home in Pacific City on the Oregon coast. We brought our bikes because Kathy and I take our bikes with us just about everywhere we go.

Why drive to a great place for lunch when you can jump on a bike and work off your lunch before you ever eat it?

The sun is shining and the wind will be at our back the whole way home (we hope) so off we go. Oh, we forgot how many mountains there were to climb between here and our lunch spot. Cape Lookout is a huge mountain and the pavement sucks. When you ride a bike the type and brand of pavement is important. Also, you can rate a county by how it cares for its roads. Lane county uses too much chip seal and Tillamook county thinks potholes are speed bumps.

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There aren’t a lot of places on the Oregon coast for a really great bike ride. Kathy and I have ridden our bikes in Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Pacific City, Lincoln City, Coos Bay and even Gold Beach. Highway 101 connects most rides and in the summer there is just too much traffic to make riding on a bike much fun. There are signs on the road that say this is a “bike route” but apparently most drivers don’t read and like to pass inches from your rear wheel. Or perhaps they think those signs are like a dare to see how close they can come to hitting you.

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Despite all that we rode from Pacific City up to Cape Mears, back to Netarts where you will find the most awesome place to eat. Our son’s former girlfriends parents introduced us to the place.

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The Schooner has been around for years but recently they renovated the joint adding a huge covered deck and updating the inside to make it a quaint little spot to eat or grab a beer (or both).

We planned our whole ride around this stop. All of their food is great but you MUST try the clam chowder. I don’t know what they do but I would put their chowder up against any I’ve ever had, it’s simply the best.

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We split a Ruben sandwich and to be honest it was good but a little on the greasy side. We haven’t experienced that in the past but I’ve never ordered the Ruben before. Next time I’d order it dry, the meat was very good and they used cooked cabbage with vinegar to give it the bite. YUMM.

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The Schooner sits right on Netarts bay so you can watch people crabbing while you sit there admiring the beauty.

The only bad thing about riding your bike 30 miles before lunch is that you still have another 22 miles to get back home. However, later that night you know that meal was worked off hours ago and the next is a freebie.

It also provides room for a nice 20 ounce beer at the Pelican Pub Brewery just three houses down from our beach home.

Today, we’re off to Lincoln City for the best deep fried zucchini on the Oregon coast. Yes, we are going swimming first.