October 2012: Rick Dancer TV Historic Detering Orchard: Food is our Economy

00:11 Detering Orchard Overview Introduction
00:57 Food Cluster: Lane County Economic Development
04:59 Detering Orchards History
09:14 Womenspace: “The Letter” A mother’s message to her children about Domestic Violence
16:44 Cindy Dixon The Apple Queen How to pick a good apple.
18:11 Creswell Relief Nursery Plan
21:58 Creswell Coffee, Soup, Music
25:17 Rick and Brook close show
25 54 Doing it Differently: A Father’s story of Autism.

Early settlers located in the Willamette Valley for the rich soil and amazing crops they could grow. There is a move in Western Oregon to go back to those roots and it’s a move that is catching on. In this months show we look at that industry and take you to one of the most famous family farms in the area, Detering Orchards to find out what’s new there. Also this month we’ll talk about how you can help end the silence as we draw awareness towards Domestic Violence Awareness month with Womenspace. In Creswell the community is looking for ways to bring the Cottage Grove Family Relief Nursery to town and as long as we’re in Creswell let’s go visit Creswell Coffee to show you why this is the new hot spot in Lane County. Also, a surprise ending to the show….Enjoy.