November 2012 Plaza Latina, Fire and Rescue, Autism, Goodwill Cleaning Closets

00:10 Plaza Latina Overview
00:38 No Shave Movember Prostate Cancer
01:03 Host Plaza Latina wine
01:21 Goodwill Cleaning out the closets
01:59 Introduce Emma to the audience
02:45 Plaza Meat Market
02:55 Plaza Latina The story
06:59 Mckenzie Fire and Rescue: Search for Volunteers
12:36 Do it Differently: The Movie Autism
15:31 Scott Phillips: Movie Producer/Autism
21:42 Do it yourself: Changing Oil, Filters Sheppard Motors
23:42 Plaza Latina Restaurant
23:54 Goodwill: Cleaning the Closet
25:20 Prostate Cancer/Movember Video
27:23 Show close
We’re trying something a little different with RDTV. Emma Wager of KNRQ and KZEL radio wants to move into TV. We told her we’d bring her on board and try her out and boy is she a lot of fun to work with. This show is shot from Plaza Latina. We have a story on McKenzie Fire and Rescue, a trailer from a film on Autism from a dad’s perspective and a WaterCooler interview with the films producer. We’ll show you a couple of Goodwill ads targeted at women who clean closets and Sheppard Motors gives you some tips on taking care of your car.