No Trespassing: Sometimes we deserve it.


Obstacles are irritating. You may know the kind of talking about. The things in life that try to ruin plans for the day. My plan yesterday was to go on a long hike to sort out some things with God. I live in the country so finding a place to hike is USUALLY not a difficult part of the adventure. As I got to the gate, to my usual starting place, I noticed a “NO TRESPASSING SIGN”. Like many I thought twice about ignoring it but then realized the owner, a timber company, didn’t want me there so Iā€™d better stay away. So, my dog and I jumped in the car and went to another location. What we found was another sign. So, we went to the next spot and yet another sign. I know of a place out in the middle of nowhere that is on Federal Land. I knew it would be open but it’s not my favorite place to go. But remember I was in the mood to hike so we went. What I found was the reason so many property owners are locking up their land. There was trash everywhere. I was embarrassed to be human. Bottles, cans, garbage, tires it was everywhere. I passed through another gate that was not posted and had a nice walk. I didn’t get everything sorted out with God because I couldn’t stop thinking about we humans. Why do we think it’s okay to leave our junk out in the middle of OUR forests? I know it’s expensive to take things to the dump, but you can’t just leave old tires, dozens of them, in the middle of a forest. I will write the property owners a letter to see if I can get permission to hike on their land. I will promise not to leave anything behind but a footprint. Next time you wonder why so many people are locking up their land remember this story or better yet, drive up a road to a federal forest and see what we’re capable of. It’s not pretty.

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  1. Bill Daley on May 4, 2008 at 10:39 am

    Walking in the Woods

    Whilst you and the dog were out searching for a place to walk, Sharon and I were talking about the difference between mentally “being there” and physically “being there”. This coincidence transcends my understanding!

    The question was “Does ‘place’ make a difference in your ability to commune with God?”

    Two views:

    No. God awareness is possible and practical no matter where you ‘are’ at the time. You can have quiet time with God whilst in the midst of a crowd at a football game, or while standing in line at the grocery store. Doing so is simply a matter of practice. And, the ‘communing’ doesn’t need to be long or deep or spectacular. It is enough to simply touch base, to reinforce the awareness that the world is where we are – but it is not what we are.

    Yes. We’ve been given the awareness of this world as a gift of our consciousness. Physical presence in a ‘holy’ place does enhance our ability to shed ourselves of the distractions of life and to get to a sense of awareness of God. Oh, you can close your eyes and think about being in the forest. You can mentally remove the clutter from your awareness. But there is nothing like ‘being there’. Standing on the rim of Crater Lake, feeling the bite of the air, seeing the intense blue water, recognizing how small you are in relation to the enormity of the crater, etc. There’s just nothing like it. Being in such places is a definite enhancement to a meaningful commune with God.

    So. Why do we build churches? Why do we feel the way we do when we immerse ourselves in the grandeurs of nature? Can we get the same feeling, the same connection, the same benefit from momentary awareness – no matter where we ‘are’? Do we need to have the physical experience – or is it possible to simply practice and reinforce the mental experience until we are so good at it that we can get ‘there’ without going someplace first?

    This is what Sharon and I were discussing while you were out doing field research. (pun intended) šŸ™‚



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