Movie Review: Lady in the Van

Lady In The Van is not the best movie I’ve ever watched but it was fun and interesting. The story is based on a “Mostly True” story of a homeless woman that ends up parking her van in the driveway of a London playwrights home for 15 years.
Maggie Smith is amazing in the film and does a great job convincing you she’s the angry, self absorbed lady in the van.
The movie is quirky and really fun.
The author splits his personality to help tell the story and he’s very honest and not afraid to play with reality a few times in the film.
To be honest I was expecting a more heartfelt movie but was pleasantly surprised and pleased that he didn’t make sappy out of something serious and very irritating.
He didn’t take a position on homelessness he showed a story that is so true in many ways it’s shocking.
I highly recommend this movie but wait for it to come out on Redbox or Netflix. It’s not something you need to spend more money on and see in a theater.