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Looking For A New Job: I Know Who Can Help


When I first started working with Goodwill Industries I thought they helped provide jobs for people with disabilities and they do.

But their mission is so much bigger.

The first time someone said: “We help people with barriers to employment” I began to realize Goodwill is out to help all of us find meaningful employment.

We are producing a video on the Job Connections program that will air in a month or so. (Rick Dancer Media Services/RickDancerTV)

I visited the Seneca store and watched as a dozen or more people typed away on computers confidently looking for a job.

The toughest part of job searching, to me, is getting the resumes, the cover letters and the emails together. A lot has changed in the world since I last looked for a job and putting all that information together would scare the heck out of me.

Mariah Nelson, the young woman we feature in our story, says Goodwill helped her get all that stuff together. She ended up with five interviews and two part-time jobs.

We all want to help get people back to work and off state assistance; getting involved is as easy as donating items to Goodwill or shopping at one of their many stores.

The proceeds from the sale of items at the stores or from your donated goods are actually helping people find work.

The money helps pay for the resume paper, the phones, all of it.

How’s that for a direct way of helping?


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