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Looking For A Job? I have a little GoodWill to pass along.


Hi, this is Rick Dancer.ep2

I never used to think of Goodwill Industries as the place to connect people with a job.

I’ve known for years that Goodwill assists people with disabilities but when Goodwill says it helps people with barriers to employment, that means just about anyone.

I met a woman who got accepted to the U of O business school but needs a job. She went to Goodwill’s Job Connections and found two jobs in just a few weeks.

The most difficult aspects of finding work have to be creating a relevant resume, a cover letter that catches the eye of your future employer, and setting yourself apart from the competition.

Mariah Nelson says Goodwill gave her the edge she needed to land two jobs.

When we interviewed her for a video we are producing for Goodwill, Mariah would not stop smiling. The Jobs Connections room was packed with people on computers searching for work and they all seemed excited and pretty happy.

Goodwill also gets a lot of referrals for people. A foot in the door is not easy when you are looking on your own.

I can’t wait for you to see this video Rick Dancer Media Services is producing (that’s our company) for Goodwill but in the meantime tell your friends to check out Job Connections.

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