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Let Me Plan Your Weekend: Really I’ve Got Good Ideas

Listen Up Runners and Cyclists: Running Race/Bike Race Downtown Eugene

If you are a runner, a cyclists or just someone who loves to watch a good race Sunday is your day. Go watch the video I posted above to find out more about the big Elite Mile and Downtown Crit Bike Race happening in Downtown Eugene Sunday from 11:30 to 4.

There will be a lot of people at this event and you don’t want to miss it. Also, if you haven’t been downtown in a while you will notice a big difference…..People and places to go.

Before the downtown race there’s also a 1/2 marathon out in Coburg for the Golden Years celebration. The weekend in Coburg is packed with activities so that’s a great place to be.

Friday and Saturday Island Park in Springfield will host “Summer Fair.” Friday Night (7pm) Satin Love Orchestra will take the stage and Los Lobos and Curtis Salgado are on stage Saturday Night starting at 6pm.